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Own Your Traffic

The Proven Path to Writing Captivating Emails That Sell

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Here's What's Inside the Book:

  • How Amazon Kicked Me Out of Thailand and Made Me a True Believer in the Sheer Power and Importance of Email Marketing
  • ​The Proven Way to Make More Revenue From Your Email List (And Why You're Probably Not Doing Enough of This)
  • ​My S.C.A.R.Y Writing Structure You Can Ethically Steal to Never Run Out of Email Ideas EVER Again
  • ​Your 5 Most Important Emails You Need to Be Using (Messing These Up Can Make Your Job 1000% Harder)
  • ​The Curious Secret to Getting More People to Open Your Emails and Build Excitement (Without Tricking Them and Making Them Mad)
  • ​The "Sleeping Bear" Method to Warming Up Your Old List Without Getting Eaten Alive by Your Audience
  • ​The Secret to Turning Runaway Customers Into Raving Fans w/ Open Pocketbooks

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